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Happy New Year

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Dear Colleagues,

Happy, as I hope you all are, I want to thank you for an incredible year we are about to bid farewell.
The year 2022 has been very kind to us.

We have simply broken our records achieving another milestone in the company history. This is not due to just operating a mega incentive group but by also handling an unprecedented number of overlapped files at a time during the last quarter of the year. This could  only be achieved by your dedication, loyalty to the company but most importantly an extraordinary planning.

My appreciation is not only limited to the Leisure & the Incentive divisions but truly extended to all the support services departments of the company. Without them, the planning and the execution wouldn’t have been as flawless. You have simply all been stars. And this is not a compliment.

Our airline & Corporate side, as usual, hasn’t stop exceling despite the many challenges that this part of the industry is facing. We did acquire an amazing new GSA while increasing our Corporate portfolio slowly but very surely. We have never looked for the mass but for the quality. And, this is what keep making us special.

As for the Emirates side of the business, they truly managed to get out of the pandemic even more healthy than where they were before. Considering the size and the collective age & experience of the team, they went far beyond our commercial expectation. I also know that their pipeline is full of good news.    

Should the trade circumstances remain the same, I can only see our curve going up. But in order to ensure that it remains ascending, our role should also be to secure that a next generation is there to keep the helm. This should be every single senior target. In this respect, please keep tuned for some new appointments and restructures to be implemented very shortly and that would help securing same.   

On behalf our Chairman, and while we wish you a delightful finale of the year, a healthy and most rewarding take off & continuation for 2023, I salute every one of you for the loyalty, dedication & professionalism that you keep exhibiting.

Happy New Year and as usual….. Keep Sharing                    

Happy New Year & Happy Anniversary

Dearest Colleagues,

Karim El Minabawy

While my last New Year’s email was not the most optimistic one, I do feel far more positive writing to you this message. And, should situation remains as good as it looks, Emeco will be even over going few milestone in 2022 across all its divisions in Egypt as well as in the Emirates.

This wouldn’t have been the case without the support and the resilience that all of you exhibited over this year.

Emeco team, same as any other service company, is the main and most important asset we own. And that is simply you. Yet, in order to be able to accomplish the many agreements we have been able to seal for next year, we will need to fill few gaps. Most importantly create second lines. This is a must do over 2022 and the management is determined to accomplish this in parallel to the increase of our business in the months to come.

Despite of all the crashes the Travel Industry went through, Emeco kept its value, image & brand in the market very high. This was quite obvious with the recognition we have acquired locally and Internationally. And, I can assure you that the respect that Emeco brand continues to gain throughout our representatives, associations and our local & international partners is simply unprecedented. Having said all the above, we still need to work even harder to keep our position untouched and to fulfill our obligations.

In my last year message to you I said; “I can only see a better year to come”. Today, I can proudly say, I can only see better decades to follow.

In a couple of months, Emeco will celebrate its 45th anniversary. It has been a long way to go but our aim for our company is many more years of equal success and similar achievements.

Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary and as usual…… Keep Sharing

……………Into a better 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Karim El Minabawy
Karim El Minabawy

To say it’s been a tough year for the tourism industry and all those businesses linked to our sector is an understatement. The industry has faced its biggest challenge on record. Despite the fact that Egypt has gone through many crisis over the years, this is definitely the strongest that our generation survived. Not only due to its severe repercussions but also due to the fact that it came just when we started to breath after the Arab spring wave!!!!  

Be it, it happened and we can only look for better days to come…..

While the year is phasing out with its negative touches, we can’t deny that there were few positive as well. On top of them, is the active and devotion attitude we have seen from many of the team members. Those were quite supportive, helped in areas that don’t fall under their responsibilities and were always there when needed. My message to those is that their extra efforts will not go in vain & will surely be recognized & awarded…. in time.

On another positive note, I want to share with you that although the covid is still around us, in fact it is even getting closer, the light has started to be seen at the end of the tunnel. Q 3 & 4 are definitely looking far brighter. Despite difficulties to reach there but I am positive that somehow we will

Meanwhile, I want to stress on the fact that the business after the Covid will not be the same as before. We need to adapt to new rules and criteria that will be required on all business, but mainly travel; technology will outshine, time will be far more precious, social media importance will surpass  other tools previously used, etc. We need to adapt and we will….

Over the coming few hours & maybe few days let’s concentrate in erasing all the bad memories & memorizing the good ones. Let’s concentrate in how can we improve performance in the future, work closer, impress, outshine and how can we make it better .

I wish you all a Happy New Year & ……….Into a better 2021.  Keep Sharing

Happy New Year 2020

Dear All,

Karim El Minabawy
Karim El Minabawy

I want to address you all and thank you for a wonderful performance during 2019. I know that we still have much more to do to get back to normal, yet we have scored record figures compared to the last 7 years. Most importantly, we achieved  our budget.

In 2020 we will have higher figures to reach and competitive environment we are leaving in will make it quite challenging but I am sure we will make it happen. This coming year will witness a lot of training, some internal

re-structures to help us creating a strong second and third team level. We are expanding and middle Management is essential for our growth.

As much as I am proud with the Egypt Team, I am equally thrilled with the performance of our Emirates office. Not only they exceeded their budget but, with the help of a great visiting team from Egypt, they operated with “Excellence” a difficult mega program early this month that the whole of the Emirates travel trade is still talking about.

A big thank you to all of you for ensuring the high performance and the Excellence of our “EMECO” brand.    

Have a fantastic take off and a most successful continuation for 2020. Happy New year and as usual… Keep Sharing

Happy New Year 2019

Karim El Minabawy
Karim ElMinabawy

Dear all,

We, in Emeco, have gone very far in 2018 to erase and re-structure the disturbs of the revolution years. We only expects better ones to follow. And, this can only happen by all of us together.

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book, do write a good one”

I wish all of you and your families, a fantatsic take off for 2019, a successful continuation and a year full of Joy, Health & Wealth.

Happy New Year and as usual………… Keep the Sharing Spirit 

Happy New Year 2018

Karim El Minabawy
Karim El Minabawy

Dear all,

While the year is phasing away and 2018 is knocking on our doors, I want to thank every and each one of you for all the efforts you have done to make 2017 a better year.

Noticing that we do not hold all the cards in our hands and that the environment is sometime pushing against our wishes, many of you have saved no efforts to help ending this year with better results. Those individuals, whether in Egypt or in the Emirates,  have been well noticed – in fact admired-. And, I want to assure them that their efforts will not go in vain.

Indeed, we are still far from reaching our goals and catching up with the drops we went through over the long past years. Yet, one should confess that we are going into the right direction in Egypt as well as in the Emirates.

Acquiring new business is a must but this alone will not help us reaching our goal if we increase the number of our staff, consequently the overhead, in parallel. Our only solution is by simply stretching the performance of every single individual. And, I am sure that with the team that Emeco currently has, we can do a lot if not even miracles.

At this stage, I want to wish all of you a fruitful and most rewarding take off for 2018 that precedes a successful continuation of this coming year and many more to follow.

Happy New Year  2018 and as usual…………Keep Sharing     

Impress the Client

Dear Colleagues,

Karim El Minabawy
Karim El Minabawy

I hope everyone of you had a great summer holidays and you are ready for another challenging year. We’ll need your strength and fighting spirit.
Despite of lots of efforts over the first six months of the year, our 1st & 2nd quarters’ results were below our budget and obviously below the last year’s figures, – with the exception of our corporate transportation services. The economic world problems had a stronger effect than anticipated, and even though our Corporate, Leisure Tourism, Incentive, Airline and Conference departments managed to secure many additional accounts, this didn’t compensate the business decrease of our original clients’ base.
The bright side of the story is that we did better than many of the major players in the market and our percentage of decrease was less. Yet, many of our competitors managed to significantly decrease their overhead by reducing their labor cost through lay off of staff, which is a solution Emeco decided not to practice. And we are fully aware that our main asset is our staff. They are needed, when the business is back to normal. Therefore we are further investing in training, despite the limited resources the company has over this difficult period. In June 2009, the world economy experienced slightly ascending figures for the first time after 15 months. Hopefully, this will reflect positively in our last quarter of the year.
We should be aware that our competition is stronger than ever and we must be even better equipped and prepared to continue our success in the domains where we have always been the leader. Acquiring more knowledge, acting rather than reacting, being more service oriented and speaking the client’s language, – being presentable and quick in responding to clients’ needs are the tools of success in the current market environment. Emeco will continue to invest in trainings and further enhance our quality control activities that proved to be a very useful tool over the last 1 ½ years.

At present we are in our last stage of nominating our “Colleague of the Year”.
I congratulate all department winners, who are named in this Newsletter, and wish them the best of luck for the final stage, the election of the overall winner of the Emeco Group.

I hope that in our next edition of the Emeco News, I will be able to reconfirm my current assessment of the last quarter of the year and that each and everyone of you continues to excel in his/her performance, improving his/her knowledge and services to better represent our company and finally to impress the client.
Until then, I wish you a fantastic end of summer, the best of luck for the remaining part of the year and for our Moslem colleagues, a happy and blessed Ramadan.

Keep well,

Karim ElMinabawy

Our Vision

Elhamy El Zayat
Elhamy El Zayat

Our Vision

Emeco Travel is revolutionizing the Egyptian travel and tourism industry.

We aim to provide world-class services and outstanding value for money, backed by our experienced staff and our high-technology infrastructure.

We are continuously thriving and expanding through our network of worldwide independent associates, all the while striving to ensure flexibility and individualized attention to our clients.

Our Values

At Emeco Travel, we hold true to the following company values:

Quality: We insist on providing the highest quality service to all of our clients, ensuring that in all of our actions we are efficient, organized, and professional. We flourish on repeat business due to our market incomparable reputation. Repeat clients are really precious to us and your feedback is documented making sure that your needs met and surpassed

Customer Focus: our Account managers & travel consultants do their best to address our clients’ needs offering them very personal service. We do this by listening carefully to make sure we understand those needs, then offering alternatives and graciously accepting their changes. We handle your booking from start to finish and ensure that all your travel needs are met.

Innovation: We anticipate our clients’ needs, creating new service offerings accordingly.

Value: We ensure that all of our services are priced reasonably so that our clients get excellent value for their money.

Integrity: We act with integrity at all times. We are honest and transparent in our actions, unbiased in selecting suppliers, and strict in maintaining client confidentiality
Key Advantages
Among its many competitive advantages, Emeco prides itself most on its innovative service offerings, responsive staff, trusted GSA status, and sophisticated technology infrastructure. Innovative Service Offerings Emeco offers the best travel planning and most creative incentive programs in the business. In addition to these core services, we are also constantly developing new services to meet our client’s evolving needs by assembling an entire tailor made programs designed around your provisions. This allows you to look at your own interests, select your own style travel.

Responsive Staff

Emeco Travel staffed by passionate individuals who promise to meet and go beyond expectation, creating exceptional and unforgettable experiences at each stage of the Journey. Possessing huge experience and is fully trained to serve our valued customers’ around-the-clock needs.

Our more than 250 multilingual travel experts regularly undergo both local and overseas training; we operate our offices seven days a week, 365 days a year, from 09h00 through 17h00 daily. For 24-hour-a-day service, we offer an emergency hotline service as well as in person assistance at our office at the Cairo International Airport