Happy New Year & Happy Anniversary

Dearest Colleagues,

Karim El Minabawy

While my last New Year’s email was not the most optimistic one, I do feel far more positive writing to you this message. And, should situation remains as good as it looks, Emeco will be even over going few milestone in 2022 across all its divisions in Egypt as well as in the Emirates.

This wouldn’t have been the case without the support and the resilience that all of you exhibited over this year.

Emeco team, same as any other service company, is the main and most important asset we own. And that is simply you. Yet, in order to be able to accomplish the many agreements we have been able to seal for next year, we will need to fill few gaps. Most importantly create second lines. This is a must do over 2022 and the management is determined to accomplish this in parallel to the increase of our business in the months to come.

Despite of all the crashes the Travel Industry went through, Emeco kept its value, image & brand in the market very high. This was quite obvious with the recognition we have acquired locally and Internationally. And, I can assure you that the respect that Emeco brand continues to gain throughout our representatives, associations and our local & international partners is simply unprecedented. Having said all the above, we still need to work even harder to keep our position untouched and to fulfill our obligations.

In my last year message to you I said; “I can only see a better year to come”. Today, I can proudly say, I can only see better decades to follow.

In a couple of months, Emeco will celebrate its 45th anniversary. It has been a long way to go but our aim for our company is many more years of equal success and similar achievements.

Happy New Year, Happy Anniversary and as usual…… Keep Sharing