Our People

On April 10th our Chairman and CEO Mr. Elhamy ElZayat received several hundred customers, business partners, friends and Emeco management for a full day of sun, fun, music and good food at his property in Fayed by the Bitter Lake.
Mr. Elzayat again impressed everyone with his hospitality and generosity.
Several Egypt Air retirees commented:” We always look forward to this annual event, meeting longtime friends and talking about old times.
It’s remarkable that Mr. ElZayat not only entertains active and useful connections, he never forgets old friends and business partners, even decades after their retirement!”

The President of the Airline Section, Mr. William Hamad, underwent surgery in Beirut, recently. We all sincerely wish him a speedy and complete recovery.


The trainings in Presentation Skills and Time Management/Work Technique continue.
New is a series of lessons in geography, history, (Egyptian history held by our Chairman Mr. ElZayat), knowledge about touristic capitals of the world and the mentality and languages of people from our main visitors’ countries.
Soon the Emeco School of Business will offer a course in Business Writing and another one on Communication Skills.
Anyone can register for participation in any of these courses with Mr. Ismail Rashid.


Mr. Berge Andreassian informs:
Our Airline/GSA department in July 2009 managed the acquisition of a distributor cooperation agreement) for two airlines:
1st: Flydubai, who only have PSA’s (Passenger Sales Agent) in Egypt and no GSA (General Sales Agent) yet. We are hoping this agreement will increase our airlines GOP and we will be selling, soon.
All Emeco offices have been provided with usernames/ passwords as well as training.

2nd: TUIfly, This airline belongs to the TUI corporation and is a merger of Hapagfly (formerly BSP participant operating ex CAI) and Hapag Lloyd Express, the Yellow cab (actually their colors) of European Skies. TUIfly is considered a “low priced” not low cost carrier as it offers full F&B service in the air at no charge.
Their handicap in Egypt is they are non BSP participant and non GDS either.
(All web-based reservations) This is where we were lucky to get the distribution since their GSA is unable to cope with the geographic market demand.
The only other distributor in Egypt is Thomas Cook.
Presently the agreement is in place pending execution, when TUIfly provide us with our exclusive Username/ Passwords for Agency credit. (I.e. our clients who can’t use C Cards or prefer not to, can just pay us cash. This is great for the corporates and individuals alike.)
Both airlines revenues for Emeco come from the “Service Fee”, which we keep in full. The more we sell the more we make.
Details on each airline can be found on their relevant websites.
www.flydubai.com and www.tuifly.com (click the English flag for the English site).

Useful work tips

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Good and Bad customer

The difference between a good customer agent and an excellent one is:

The good one gives the client what he asked for or honestly tells him why we cannot fulfill his wishes.
The excellent one first inquires from the client as much information as possible and only then fulfills his wishes and needs. Sometimes the client does not even know or exactly know what he wants, and more often he is not aware of the kind and range of services we can provide him with.
Before you make an offer to a client, find out, what kind of client is he, what is his background, how much does he know about our product and services, about Egypt, our history and monuments.
Then ask him what he wishes for, give him several alternatives,

so he can choose.
Be ready to adapt to his plans, the more you learn about him.
Should you have any contribution to the next Emeco News magazine, whether ideas, suggestions, or stories, please contact Moustafa Nassar at marketing@emeco.com or phone ext. 650.

Impress the Client

Dear Colleagues,

Karim El Minabawy
Karim El Minabawy

I hope everyone of you had a great summer holidays and you are ready for another challenging year. We’ll need your strength and fighting spirit.
Despite of lots of efforts over the first six months of the year, our 1st & 2nd quarters’ results were below our budget and obviously below the last year’s figures, – with the exception of our corporate transportation services. The economic world problems had a stronger effect than anticipated, and even though our Corporate, Leisure Tourism, Incentive, Airline and Conference departments managed to secure many additional accounts, this didn’t compensate the business decrease of our original clients’ base.
The bright side of the story is that we did better than many of the major players in the market and our percentage of decrease was less. Yet, many of our competitors managed to significantly decrease their overhead by reducing their labor cost through lay off of staff, which is a solution Emeco decided not to practice. And we are fully aware that our main asset is our staff. They are needed, when the business is back to normal. Therefore we are further investing in training, despite the limited resources the company has over this difficult period. In June 2009, the world economy experienced slightly ascending figures for the first time after 15 months. Hopefully, this will reflect positively in our last quarter of the year.
We should be aware that our competition is stronger than ever and we must be even better equipped and prepared to continue our success in the domains where we have always been the leader. Acquiring more knowledge, acting rather than reacting, being more service oriented and speaking the client’s language, – being presentable and quick in responding to clients’ needs are the tools of success in the current market environment. Emeco will continue to invest in trainings and further enhance our quality control activities that proved to be a very useful tool over the last 1 ½ years.

At present we are in our last stage of nominating our “Colleague of the Year”.
I congratulate all department winners, who are named in this Newsletter, and wish them the best of luck for the final stage, the election of the overall winner of the Emeco Group.

I hope that in our next edition of the Emeco News, I will be able to reconfirm my current assessment of the last quarter of the year and that each and everyone of you continues to excel in his/her performance, improving his/her knowledge and services to better represent our company and finally to impress the client.
Until then, I wish you a fantastic end of summer, the best of luck for the remaining part of the year and for our Moslem colleagues, a happy and blessed Ramadan.

Keep well,

Karim ElMinabawy