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Best Practices

Quality Control

Tosson Islam, Supervisor Quality Control and Dive Master organized and conducted EFR (Emergency First Response) courses for our tour leaders. They learned and practiced medic first aid skills. All of them successfully completed the training, passed the exams and received their certificates.

We will continue training all our staff in customer contact in these First Aid skills.
Keep up this excellent program, Tosson, which is unique among Egyptian tourism companies.

General Info

Our IT department sent all staff an e-mail asking them to urgently organize their data and separate their personal from their business data, informs Ayman Ragab.
Our backup plan process is running slow as most of the users still did not organize their data nor removed the unwanted programs.

Mr. Mohamed Foad, IT department, informs all staff that browsing the net for illegal sites and game sites is absolutely forbidden at Emeco.

These sites are often infected with virus and have caused in the past, and will cause in the future, serious problems with our IT department as well as problems at the computer location from which access was established.
The most critical PCs are from the Egypt Air System, which requires direct internet connection. That way no filtering and no controlling of any internet contents are being done and the system can easily jam. The IT department has no manpower and time to handle such cases and the internet bandwidth is allocated for business use, only, and not for jokes or games


There is no elevated danger to contract swine flue and no need to wear face masks.

So far only isolated cases have been known in Egypt.

Even those who contracted it had not more problems than with a normal flue, it is dangerous only for the very young, the very old and sick. If you want to protect yourself, frequently wash your hands and don’t shake hands if you can avoid it.


A wise man said: if you want to be happy one day, catch a fish, You’ll be happy for one week, if you slaughter a cow, and one month, if you win in the lottery.
You’ll be happy one year, when you marry.

But if you want to be happy all your life: dedicate your work to a profession you love.

Here we see examples of jobs well done by professionals who are proud to serve their clients.

It is remarkable how often our drivers have been lauded,- their skills and careful, defensive driving contribute a lot to our clients’ satisfaction with Emeco’s services.

From Canada, we received the following mail thanking the responsible organizer Moataz Nabil:

We were very pleased with Emeco, they were very reliable and exceeded our expectations on every aspect of the trip. Francois Gagnon & Cathy Maltais”

Nabil Makeen wrote:
“Thanks to Jailan and her team. Thanks to the branches, the field coordinator and drivers who handled the file of Frans Burger Group from South Africa. Here’s the client’s mail:

“Hi Nabil & Jailan, Frans and was more than impressed with the service of Emeco. Jailan, thank you so much. Rika Groenewald.”

Antoine “Tony” Fouad received the following letters from Canada:

“Dear Tony, the driver Mahmoud Abdel Mohsen was very good. Ehab Mansour or “King Bob” was full of energy and humor. Carter Helmy was very reassuring. Julia”.
Another letter about the same tour:
“Words cannot express the comfort and assurance I have in travelling with Carter (Helmy), Ehab and Mahmoud Abdel Mohsen. Sincerely Anne Kalb.”

And then Nadia Beaupre and Marie-Christine Beaupre expressed the same praise of Ihab in nice a letter in French. Tony in addition thanks Mr. Abdel Ghani, the Luxor and Aswan teams for handling our guests!

The following staff worked on this group, and our clients’s thanks goes to them:
Moataz Nabil, Tarek Ghalel & Fadi, Mohy Hussein & Ahmed, Sami in Alexandria, Hisham Awad & Moataz Shalaby, Hisham Mahmoud & Hassan, Ihab Mansour (the tour guide), Rizk Adly, Amr Aswan & his great team, Moustafa (ABS office), Mostafa Awad & Mr. Fayez & their great teams,Gerges(HRG office), Abu El Ela(the driver)

“Hello Moataz!
The excellent Tour Leader was Mohamed Mayhob. The guide whom we had in Egypt was amazing. Her name is Randa Abdel Wahab. Thank you for all the help.
Glen Millott, Indus Travel”

Mr. Karim Aly sent us this picture of the first Chinese Incentive group handled by Emeco Travel.

Mr. Robert Plate from Canada

“Very good work of the entire Emeco-Team” and sent Nevine Lasheen
Mr. Lessard’s thank you-letter on behalf of the the Zoom Spiritual Group:

“Dear Nevine,
Every details were perfectly planned and greatly satisfying. We are looking forward to work together for our next tour,
Best regards,
Dans la Lumière du Rayon Violet,
Pierre Lessard”

One of our drivers, Hassan Osman, and Hisham Mahmoud via Mr. Fayez received the following praise from the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group:

“Dear Mr. Fayez,
I would like to thank you so much for the great service you provided to us.
The bus driver was very professional and polite and punctual.
Many thanks. Ghadir”

Nevine Lasheen received a mail from Italy:

“Please, say thank you to Tamir, Sharif and the driver Zazu, our angels during this unforgettable week end in Cairo. We’ll remeber them for their kindness and expertise.
Best regards, Paola Benelli and family.”